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Quickbooks Online Review: Easy Accounting

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The Quickbooks array of accounting software is the most widely used small business accounting software. With hundreds of thousands of users, Quickbooks online is also the most used web-based accounting system by small businesses. The online versions have come a long way in a few short years, adding a robust set of accounting features that are easy to set up and use.

Who Is Quickbooks Online Ideal For?

Quickbooks online is a good fit for small businesses with only a few employees, that are primarily service-based and that want access to their books from anywhere with an internet connection.

Simple, Seamless, Online Setup

With no software to install and configure, wew users will be surprised how quickly they can get up and running. The initial setup guide walks new administrators through the process of setting up the company account and importing banking information.

Quickbooks Online is Easy to Use

Quickbooks Online works with both Mac and PC computers and in all major internet browsers. The software was designed with the small business owner in mind and does not require a knowledge of accounting or bookkeeping jargon. Navigation is simple and logical. After logging in, users are taken to a company dashboard with tabs and a graphical interface for accessing the primary accounting functions. The system’s customer and vendor management functions are easy to use, with quick access to master lists that offer search and filter capabilities. Menus provide links to common tasks such as invoicing, receiving payments, entering and paying bills, creating purchase orders, and generating receipts. Customer invoices can be printed or emailed from within the program.

Access Your Information Anywhere – Even on the Go!

As a fully web-based program, you can access your business data from any device with an internet connection, including smart phones and tablets. Apps are also available for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices, but mobile access is limited to viewing data only. This means that your days of being stuck at the office to check on an invoice, look up an expense or run revenue reports are over.

Easy Collaboration Makes Working Together Painless

Quickbooks Online allows the administrator to create users and to set role-based restrictions on access to clients, sales, vendors, purchases and financial accounts for those users. This means that you, as the business owner, can control what your bookkeeper, accountant or employees are able to do within your Quickbooks Online account. The Essentials and Plus versions of Quickbooks Online also give you the opportunity to setup time-tracking users, so remote employees can track hours easily.

Simple Importing/Exporting of Data

The Online Essentials and Plus versions automatically import financial account information and attempt to automatically reconcile it. You can also import your financial and accounting data from Quicken, Peachtree and desktop Quickbooks versions. Online Essentials and Plus give you the ability to also import customer information from Excel, Outlook and Gmail.

All versions of Quickbooks Online offer dozens of ways to create financial, sales and tax reports with your data, including the ability to produce custom reports by editing the standard templates. This means you will have access to all of your customers, vendors, products, employees and financial data, whenever and wherever you need it to make an important business decision.

Pricing Structure

Pricing starts at $12.95 per month for the Online Simple Start version; Essentials (recommended) is $24.95 per month for up to three users; and Plus is $39.95 per month for up to five users. Payroll add-on options are available for the Essentials and Plus versions.


QuickBooks Online is a good fit for small businesses that are either service-based or offer simple goods. The program provides an easy-to-use, but robust, business management system that ensures your important financial information is always right at your fingertips.